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Allextreme EXBH3B1 7 Inch Round Headlight 35W Halogen Bulb H4 with Attached Ring for Classic BS3, BS4 & BS6 350 Bullet Super Champ (Black, 1 Pc)

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This 35W 7 Inch Round Headlight offers high luminosity. It is brighter than 99% of the standard light bulbs. This daytime running light offers clean and bright light to address your driving.


With this light, you get a brighter, but Softer light that is closer to daylight), efficiently Relieve Driving Fatigue. A complex reflector design can improve overall visibility while projecting light during long-distance.


It has a die-cast metal alloy Housing and is water-resistant which keeps the lamps working on rainy days or other bad conditions. Also, there is no need to worry about lamp failure during extreme weather.

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More Information
Size* Set of 1
  • 3X BRIGHTER LIGHT: This headlight has a high-power bulb, which improves vision on the road and makes driving much safer. It is way brighter than those regular halogen lights. So drive freely on the bumpy road—in the daytime, stormy, windy, and dark.
  • WIDE ILLUMINATION: Our headlight is ultra-bright and offers maximum lumination. It has a one-of-a-kind design that generates a daylight color impression and a more noticeable amber that appears more natural on the road.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: This round headlight provides energy-efficient lighting, meaning more illumination with very little or low power consumption. It outperforms standard incandescent lamps and high discharge lights.
  • SPOTLIGHTING WITH REFLECTOR: The headlight consists of a reflector and a 35-watt bulb encased in it. It perfectly reflects the light out on the road, so you get bright lighting, which is more focused and covers a wider angle.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: This round headlight is very easy to install. One can install this headlight without any additional effort. No extra or heavy tools are required in its installation process and can be installed within minutes.


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