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Allextreme EXLGHA1 Multipurpose Unisex Bike Racing Half Finger Gloves Breathable Comfortable Hand Gloves for Gym Biking Sports Cycling and Riding (Large, Army Green)

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  • Allextreme HALF FINGER BIKE GLOVES – LARGE SIZE: The offered high rising bike gloves are ergonomically designed as per European Standards with mesh fabrics for a comfortable and breathable feel all day long. Its unique 3-dimensional tailoring and triple sandwich mesh surface ensure an extra grip over the handle bars for added controls and comfort. Designed to keep the rides and hands safe.
  • VELCRO CUFF STRAPS FOR A SNUG FIT: Designed with integrated Velcro straps to ensure that you do not have to worry about the perfect fit. Easy to adjust the tension as per the specific size of your wrists. Never take your hands off the bike or cycle just because you have to adjust the gloves.
  • GRIP-LOCK COMFORTABLE PADDING: The silicone gel beading over the glove's palm provides a high traction that ensures a comfortable and secure grip over the surfaces. Besides, these beading suppress the vibrations from the shocks to assure a greater protection. Be assure that your palms will never slip away from the handles whilst enjoying the feel of reduced wrist pressure.
  • ENHANCED COMFORT, RELAXATION AND DURABILITY: Backed with padded materials on each surface, these gloves are even stress-tested by the professionals during the most extreme grip exercises. Be relaxed that these gloves can withstand even the hardest and ferocious exercise sessions.
  • ENHANCED COMFORT, SUPPORT AND RELAXATION: The judicial selection of hard wearing fabric and silica pads ensures to absorb the shock and reduce numbness of the wrists over all sorts of terrains effectively. Now assure a fatigue-free ride along with the zero possibility of developing blisters , bruises or calluses on your hands.

Allextreme Half Finger Gloves are specifically designed to provide all the desired comfort and protection during the rides on bicycle, motorbikes and scooters. The strategically placed silica gel of these bike gloves with extra padding ensures the overall level of comfort by reducing the pressure on sensitive wrist nerves without breaking your budget. These gloves are designed in a classic style with a tailored great fit for making a great choice for beginner cyclists, recreational riders and professional bikers. The hook and loop cuff straps of these bike gloves in half finger allows you to reach a state of comfortable grip whilst allowing an easy and quick way to pull off.


  • Extra comfort & easy workout
  • Supportive integrated wrist wraps
  • Firm and stronger grip
  • Professional gym support
  • Made from a stretchable fabric, these gloves enable you to easily lift weights with a strong grip
  • The ergonomic padding offers great comfort along with a perfect fit


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Size* Large
Color Variation* Army Green
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