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AllExtreme EXTBCBB Clutch and Brake Lever (Set of 2)

Rs  199
  • Vehicle compatibility: All bikes and scooters (geared/non-geared) of any model
  • Adds a feel of toughness to your bike while letting you to reflect your sense of style and ideology
  • Made from corrosion resistant pure brass carefully developed using perfect proportions of copper and zinc
  • The surface has been coated with lacquer that gives added lustre to the product
  • In spite of regular washing or rubbing pure brass retains its shine for a considerably longer period of time

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Size* Set of 2

Nothing equals a badge branding when it comes to giving a signature effect to your vehicle and if this customization is available in brass, what else would you ask for AllExtreme top bird brass accessory is exactly what you need on your bike for it to reflect your style and individuality. Perfect ratio between copper and zinc is what it takes to develop the brass used to make AllExtreme top bird badges as the properties of pure brass are required for the material used to qualify in the making of the final product. Though pure brass is corrosion free with characteristic shine, a lacquer coating has been done on the product surface to ensure added lustre and cleaner finishing. These properties only make the product longer life both in terms of usability and style. On the top of that, the product does not lose its shape even if subjected to summer's heat or minor collateral impacts. A peculiar care has been taken in ensuring the detailed representation of concept of the design. A bolt has been embedded into the main body of the badge to ensure the badge does not come lose its grip on the vehicle surface as it usually happens in case of adhesive based badges. Due to these characteristics, you can always feel free to customize your bikes with the AllExtreme top bird brass badges without worrying about where you live and what conditions your bike faces. This is a highly used product by bike enthusiasts, biker lovers and biker boys who go love their bikes royal Enfield bullet standard 350, royal Enfield bullet standard 500, royal Enfield bullet classic 350, royal Enfield bullet classic 500, royal Enfield bullet classic desert storm, royal Enfield bullet Electra, royal Enfield bullet thunderbird 350, royal Enfield bullet thunderbird 500, avenger, pulsar, duke KTM, Harley Davidson, Yamaha Fz, r15, CBR, ninja, apache, Hayabusa and other bikes.


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