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Allextreme EXPLBL2 Clutch Brake Lever Heavy Duty Universal 6 Positions Adjustment for Sports Bike and Motorcycles (Black 2 PCS)

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AllExtreme Clutch And Brake lever with 6 adjustable modes is now available at a very low and reasonable price. This lever is made of premium quality CNC aluminium which makes it very tough and gives it the capability to withstand extreme conditions of shock. The cleanly plated polish makes it waterproof and oil repellent. The short and 6 adjustment levers are definitely better than the stock levers due to ease of adjustment according to the hand size. If you have a small hand switch to the 1st mode and make the pressing of clutch and brake easy. Now you will not have the problem of stretching your fingers, adjust the size from the 6 options and make your driving safe and easy. This is the best product for any rider going for highway rides, mountain rides, leading a bike gang etc. Professional installation is advised. The heavy metal can absorb shocks and withstand extreme weather conditions. The easy switch mechanism allows you to change the lever closeness according to your hand's size. These are designed for Universal For Bike. The lever has a foldable pivot in the midway to flip up the lever when you park your vehicle to avoid crash and damage of clutch and brake lever which is a very common problem with levers.

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Size* Set of 2
  • 6 LEVEL ADJUSTMENT DESIGN - AllExtreme clutch and lever set is designed with modern CNC and laser techniques to offer 6 different adjustment level as per the specific needs and requirements of the rider. An ideal after-market bike accessory for professional riders.
  • HIGH-QUALITY COMPONENTS - AllExtreme levers use chrome steel precision sealed bearings, stainless steel pivot and bushing parts, Chrome Silicon cantilever springs, aerospace grade aluminum and specially designed fasteners for a tough look and easier functionality.
  • ADJUSTABLE REACH - By simply adjusting a setscrew on the AllExtreme lever, the reach can be adjusted to accommodate the smallest to the largest hands and gives the best clutch or brake response.
  • ANTI-SLIP SURFACE - The offered premium quality motorcycle lever by AllExtreme has anti-slip rough surface so the rider can make your fingers feel perfectly on the levers. An ideal choice to have better handling of your ride.
  • CORROSION & CRACK RESISTANT - Designed using the pristine quality metals, AllExtreme pair of motorcycle lever has enhanced durability and hardness to prevent bending, corrosion and wear so that your bike can stand out from the crowd.


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