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AllExtreme EXFLD06 Machine Washable Synthetic Chamois Cloth Car Wash Drying Towel Cleaner for Cars, Auto and SUV (Blue, 1 PC)

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HIGH QUALITY SHAMMY CLOTH: The material used for this home and car absorber chamois cloth is mold and mildew resistant. It survives the thousands of drying uses. It is car wash cloth,Its most common use is in automobile washing,Besides the softness and warmness, it has the useful property of bearing soap without damage.

MULTIFUNTIONAL TOWEL: Perfect for cleaning your car, kitchen, furniture, appliances etc. It also has endless uses include that drying pets or use in fitness, hiking, camping, swimming, etc,Its water absorbency makes it good for other uses like household wares, cars and pets cleaning,Can be used for kitchen, restaurant and furniture clean Also.

PERFECT ABSORPTION: This absorber shammy towel provides the best possible liquid absorption. This Mighty Cleaner is car cleaning Shammy cloth. This a chamois towel will quickly become your best friend as a car towel and a kitchen cloth,It easily retains oil making it good for wiping fingerprints from polished metallic surface Soft and smooth feeling, resistant to bacteria.

EASY TO CARE SHAMMY TOWEL: For your convenience this PVC synthetic shammy leather was designed to be machine washable. This shammy made of PVA material, spongy and highly durable. It is easy to wring it out. But, This cloth acts like a squeegee and pushes water off your vehicle. do not forget to keep the shammy cloth in a tube and always a little bit wet…
COMFORTABLE USE: this drying chamois cloth is scratch-free and provides lint-free shine. Chamois Material makes it easy to clean the dust from car interior or interior, making it universal car drying towel,Make sure that dust particles are washed out with a hose or microfiber cloth before cleaning using this chamois cloth, to avoid scratches.
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Features and Benefits 

1.PVC Material-

Made of a unique material called PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), Strong Absorption. Soaks up water like a sponge, holding up to 4x it's weight in liquid...very fast drying! 

2.Super Soft- 

They are soft on the skin. and gentle enough for adult to baby skins. 

3.Save Space-

Takes up 10% of the space of your bags. Just think of all that extra room in your bag to pack more traveling or camping clothes, pool, beach equipment. 

4.Multifunctional Uses- 

Perfect for use in fitness, hiking, camping, swimming, gym, yoga, golf, survival bag, etc. 

5.Easy Packing & Transport-

Handy storage tube for perfect storage of your Towel, easy packing and transport. Ideal for vehicles, boats, personal drying, dogs, household chores and more! 

Helpful Hints 

  1. Before first use, rinse this product with warm water for 5minutes. We recommend you use liquid detergent and warm water. 
  2. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Do not Machine wash or dry it in the dryer. Hand wash is recommended to extend its lifespan. 
  3. If you allow your Towel to air dry, it will become stiff, but don't worry! Simply re-hydrate it in warm water and your Towel will spring back to life and be ready to use. 
  4. Routine washing is highly recommended. If you repeatedly place a soiled towel in its tube, it will still work, but may acquire an odor or grow mildew.  
  5. Personal technique may vary, but for larger surfaces (hood of a car, hull of a boat) try laying The towel flat and dragging it across. Over time you will find your own methods that work best and be amazed at how much time you saved using The towel.


1 x pack Chamois Towel

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