Top 5 Motorcycle Accessories to Buy for Your Next Trip After COVID-19 Lockdown

If you own a motorcycle, you must be missing going on a long tour or even a short ride during this lockdown period. You can, however, plan your trip in this lockdown and go for a long tour once the lockdown ends. Going for a long tour is not that easy though, you will have to buy all the essential motorcycle accessories if you don’t have one before so that you don’t face any difficulties during the trip. Here we are going to mention the top 5 bike accessories for your bike that you can buy through to carry and efficiently use on your next trip after COVID-19 lockdown.

1.    Saddle & Tank Bags

If you are planning for the road trip for days, you need to carry the essential items with you in context of your safety and comfort. It will not be easy for you to put all the weight of your items on your shoulders and ride at the same time. In that case, saddle and tank bags will be the perfect solution for you. They allow you to carry umpteen of items while traveling on your motorcycle and distribute equal weight on both the sides of the motorcycle. An ideal tank bag will let you carry many useful things with ease like phone, camera, important documents, wallet and more items.

2.    Essential Tools & First-aid Kit

The tool kit that comes equipped with bikes are very basic. You must invest in a good quality tool kit that consists of all the crucial tools. Other than this, it will be better for you if you will carry additional bulbs, cables, and fuses which might need to be replaced at any given time of the day. A well-equipped first-aid kit is very important too. If there will be no doctors or nurses around you during the time of need, you can help yourself with the use of the first-aid kit. The kit can be helpful for others also, if not you, during an emergency situation. Hence, you must buy an ideal first-aid kit before the road trip and fill it with all the necessary items.

3.    Portable Air Pump & Puncture Repair Kit

Most of the bikes have tubeless tyres these days, which gets fixed easily whenever they are flat. You might get stuck in places where the situation can be difficult like the nearest tyre shop may be far away or maybe there is no shop during. Carrying your own portable air pump and puncture repair kit will be best for you as you will be able to manage the things on your own and get through a difficult situation by yourself. If there is a particular electrical socket in your motorcycles, you can invest in a small-sized electronic pump that fills in the air in your tire with ease automatically. You can also go for a foot or hand operated pump, which will demand some effort but will be better than pushing your heavy motorcycle for a far distance with a flat tyre.

4.    Auxiliary Headlamps

Riding in the dark is very difficult at times. LED auxiliary headlamps are a must-have for your bike if you are going to ride in the night on your next trip. They draw very less power but offer outstanding luminosity. When it comes to fitting, they can be fitted anywhere on your motorcycle whether it be the bars or crash guard or any other appropriated spot. They help in enhancing visibility as well as make you more visible in the night time. Though, you must ensure that they are fixed perfectly and focused to bring light to the road instead of annoying others riders on the road.  

5.    Hydration Backpack

No matter what the weather is, you must stay hydrated during your Bike trip. If you don’t want to stop frequently to sip water during your trip, you can buy a particular hydration backpack for yourself. You can fill the hydration backpack with the fluid of your choice and sip the fluid through the tube which will be there at the bottom side of your helmet after proper installation. You can also consider buying a gel pad for the saddle to provide you more comfort and cushioning if you will have to spend a long time on the saddle.


You can get all the required motorcycle accessories with ease on Along with all these accessories, you must also ensure that your motorcycle is in best condition and ready for a long journey. Once it is cross checked, make sure all the essential gears are there for you to keep you comfortable and safe during your trip. Your mental and physical health also matters the most, so make sure it is in the best shape before you head out to your next destination of trip on your bike after the coronavirus lockdown.