A Complete Guide To Pick Perfect Workout Gloves For Gym

Finding difficulties in choosing the most suitable hand gloves for your personal use? Figuring out workout gloves can be challenging sometimes, especially when you don’t have an idea what to look for while choosing gloves. In this blog you will get to know if you need gloves, what to look in a pair of gloves, what should be its kind and how to properly maintain your gloves. Stick to the post for getting in- depth knowledge and benefits of gloves.

Why I need gloves? I’m comfortable with hands.

Gloves are considered ideal for workout sessions and training program to protect hands and to enhance traction over rods, dumbbells and other gym accessories. Apart from protection against abrasion, calluses and bacteria, workout gloves also provide you an added level of support for your wrists, fingers and palms. Some of the gloves are specifically designed to cushion hands from knurling whilst enhancing traction for improved grip.

How should I choose the perfect gloves for me?

Choosing gloves is a personal thing. It depends on what kind of exercises you do, how often you train and the level of your personal or proficiency requirements. Every pair of gloves features its own unique features and benefits. If you use free weights, cardiovascular machines and punching bag, workout gloves should be an important piece of your fitness kit. If you train more, the higher would be your workout and thus, the more comfort your hands would require. In that case, you must seek for some real leather gloves having layered padding, wrist support and excellent breathability. But if you workout less or work with light weights, you should opt light0in-weight gloves that has less cushioning.

What features I should seek while choosing gloves?

At the time of buying gloves, you should seek these 4 features:

FITTING: Choose the pair of gloves that snugly fits without binding over your palm and allows your fingers to move in a comfortable manner.

PROTECTION/CUSHIONING: Usually 3 finger lengths are available in gloves i.e. short; ½ finger and ¾ finger- for more protection, choose gloves with long finger length. Additionally, choose the gloves with padding as per your “close contact” feel with training gears. Moreover, you should check for flexibility- palm and fingers should effortlessly curl around the training gear when firmly grasped.

SUPPORT: Check for the gloves that support hand and wrist during physical training. The gloves should feel natural as well as supportive to hands for allowing you to maintain proper position of wrist and palm while training.

TRACTION: While selecting gloves, one should check for enough palm traction to attain a “no slip grip” over gym gears. Palm and finger part of the gloves should provide traction while resisting abrasion from the training surface. Suede or rubber palms and fingers are considered perfect for every kind of surface for enhanced traction and durability.

We hope you have now leaned what to seek in gloves when buying for your training or sports sessions. Now, let’s talk about how to care your new gloves.

The more you train, the more your body sweats, and that sweat holds salts and several other minerals which affect leather and fabrics of your gloves feel. Here, we are giving you some tips to keep your gloves clean and performing like new.

Place your gloves at a dry place when not in use.

Don’t ever keep under direct sun for drying.

Dry completely after every use.

Periodically wash you gloves to remove salt and minerals deposited due to sweat.

Use standard machine laundry detergent and warm water to wash.

No chlorine bleach and tumble dry on low heat.

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