Enjoy Ride with AllExtreme Thump and a Punjabi Punch !!

The Royal Enfield Bullet, a timeless icon on Indian roads, is synonymous with a distinct thump. But for some riders, the stock exhaust just doesn't cut it. Enter the AllExtreme EXSLS4 Short Bottle Empty Mini Punjabi Silencer Exhaust with Bush, a mouthful of a name for an aftermarket exhaust that promises to crank up the attitude and sound of your Bullet.

Before you hit that "buy now" button, let's delve deep into the EXSLS4, exploring its features, performance, and potential drawbacks. This 1500-word blog will be your one-stop guide to deciding if this Punjabi silencer is the perfect match for your Bullet.

Aesthetics and Design:

The EXSLS4 stands out with its compact, "short bottle" design. Unlike the longer stock exhaust, it gives your Bullet a sleeker, more modern look. The chrome finish adds a touch of bling, while the laser-etched "AllExtreme" logo screams aftermarket cool.

Material and Build Quality:

Crafted from mild steel, the EXSLS4 boasts a sturdy build. The chrome plating is claimed to be anti-corrosive and weather-proof, ensuring the silencer withstands the elements. However, some user reviews mention concerns about the long-term durability of the chrome finish, especially in harsh weather conditions.


The key selling point of any aftermarket exhaust is the performance upgrade. The EXSLS4 promises a "throatier and bassier" sound compared to the stock exhaust. This is achieved by the empty design, which allows for freer flow of exhaust gases. However, it's important to remember that a louder exhaust doesn't necessarily translate to more power. In fact, some users report a slight decrease in power due to the freer flow. Additionally, the EXSLS4 might not be compliant with noise pollution regulations in certain regions.

Installation and Compatibility:

The EXSLS4 is designed for BS3 and BS4 Royal Enfield Bullet 350cc and 500cc models. Installation is said to be relatively straightforward, but some mechanical knowledge might be helpful. Double-check the compatibility with your specific Bullet model before purchasing.

Price and Value:

The EXSLS4 falls in the mid-range price segment for aftermarket Bullet exhausts. While it's not the cheapest option, the brand name and design might justify the price for some buyers. However, consider the potential downsides like noise compliance issues and the possibility of a power decrease before making your decision.

Alternatives in the Arena:

The EXSLS4 is a worthy contender, but the aftermarket arena brims with options. Explore brands like SS Silencer, Zorro, and Red Rooster catering to diverse styles and performance needs. Research features like catalytic converters and dB killers for noise compliance and emissions control.

User Reviews and Feedback:

Reading online reviews can offer valuable insights into the real-world experience with the EXSLS4. Users generally appreciate the aesthetics and the louder sound, but some mention concerns about the durability of the chrome finish and the potential power loss. Pay close attention to reviews specific to your Bullet model for the most relevant feedback.

The Verdict: Is the EXSLS4 Right for You?

The AllExtreme EXSLS4 offers a compelling combination of style, affordability, and a throatier exhaust note for your Royal Enfield Bullet. However, it's crucial to weigh the potential drawbacks before making a purchase. Consider your priorities:

  • If aesthetics and a louder sound are your primary concerns, the EXSLS4 is a decent option.
  • If noise compliance and potential power loss are dealbreakers, you might want to consider other exhaust options.
  • Thorough research and reading user reviews specific to your Bullet model are essential before making a decision.

Remember, modifying your exhaust can impact your Bullet's performance and legality. Always ensure you comply with local regulations and prioritize safety when making any modifications.

Beyond the EXSLS4:

This blog focused on the EXSLS4, but it's just one option in the vast world of Royal Enfield aftermarket exhausts. Consider exploring other brands and models that cater to your specific needs and budget. Remember, the perfect exhaust is the one that strikes the right balance between performance, sound, and legality for you and your Bullet.

Noise Concerns and Legality:

The "throatier" sound might translate to exceeding noise regulations in specific regions. Thoroughly research local noise pollution laws before installing the EXSLS4. Remember, exceeding legal limits can lead to fines and safety concerns. Consider baffle inserts that reduce noise levels while maintaining some of the characteristic thump.

Performance Nuances:

While some users report power loss, it's crucial to understand the nuances. The power decrease might be negligible or even undetectable to most riders. It often arises from a balance between sound and performance. Freer-flowing exhausts enhance sound but might sacrifice a slight amount of backpressure, potentially affecting low-end torque. If raw power is your priority, explore performance-oriented exhausts designed for minimal power loss.

Beyond Chrome: Exploring Alternatives:

The chrome finish adds a touch of bling, but consider matte black or ceramic-coated options for a more understated or heat-resistant look. Remember, chrome requires more maintenance to keep it shining.

The Final Verdict: A Tailored Choice:

Ultimately, the decision hinges on your individual preferences, riding style, and budget. If aesthetics and a throaty exhaust note align with your vision, the EXSLS4 deserves consideration. But remember, thorough research, legal compliance, and responsible riding are the cornerstones of any motorcycle modification.


Will the EXSLS4 make my Bullet louder?

Yes, it promises a throatier, bassier sound compared to stock. But remember, louder doesn't always mean more power, and exceeding noise limits can be illegal and unsafe.

Does it fit my Bullet model?

It's compatible with BS3 and BS4 Royal Enfield Bullet 350cc and 500cc models. Double-check your specific model before buying!

Is installation easy?

It's said to be straightforward, but some mechanical knowledge is helpful. Consider professional installation for a perfect fit and to avoid issues.

Will it affect my Bullet's performance?

Some users report a slight power loss due to freer exhaust flow. If raw power is your priority, explore performance-oriented exhausts instead.

Is the chrome finish durable?

While claimed to be anti-corrosive, some users mention concerns about long-term durability, especially in harsh weather. Consider alternative finishes like matte black or ceramic coating.