AllExtreme EX6H4L1 6 LED H4 LED Headlight Bulb (20W)

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Enhanced Light Output: AllExtreme LED light is designed as an ideal replacement to the standard headlight of the motorcycles for enhanced safety over the roads while riding at night, bag weather or low-lightening condition.

Professional Quality: Designed for perfect fitting in every model of motorcycle, this flasher LED light has improved beam pattern for an amazing performance.

Plug & Play Design: This LED light can be installed without replacing the headlight. No need of any extra driver or equipment for easy installation of this LED flasher.

AllExtreme offers specifically-designed flasher lamp for replacement of the traditional LED lights present in the motorcycles and scooters. It is made in a easy-to-install design for ease of installation over different make and models of the motorcycles. Featuring waterproof, dustproof, and HID meets the high standards of product quality, it has a unique combination of the focused light and wide beam that will enhance your safe-riding experience to a newer level. You don't have to worry about the durability of the offered flasher LED as these are resistant to shocks and water.

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