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AllExtreme EXTCSL2 Universal Car Steering Wheel Lock Burglar Alarm Car Locks Safety T Shaped Alloy Steel Cars Head Lock

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STEERING LOCK WITH ALARM SYSTEM: AllExtreme Car Steering Wheel Lock is designed as a lock as well as anti-theft device to prevent unauthorized steering access. It also has an in-built alarm system that triggers when there is a slight shake. Alarm will continue to emit 130 db alarm Sound for 45 seconds.

THREE-DIRECTION LOCKING: The thief must cut off the left right and below sides of the steering wheel at the same time. Only then, the lock could be removed. According to the test, it takes 45 minutes to cut three bars and most thieves usually give up in 5 minutes without opening the lock.

T-LOCK: It is featured with three forks that work simultaneously to lock handle clamp so that the steering wheel cannot rotate. A perfect anti-theft security device to greatly improve anti-theft performance of your vehicle.

SOLID STEEL BAR: It is made using the premium grade heat-treated steel bar to improve the hardness of steel. It is also wear-resistant, strong, and durable to ensure complete protection from saw cutting, beat, rust, and cracks.

UNIQUE MULTI-SEGMENT DESIGN: The offered steering lock adopts the sawtooth design that is scalable and flexible to suit more than 99% of the steering wheel. Push it hard to lock. No need key to close the unit.

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AllExtreme Car Steering Wheel Lock with Burglar Alarm is an anti-theft car steering wheel lock with unique design keys which is almost impossible to duplicate. It will make the steering wheel impossible to turn in any direction. Ensure increased safety for your car while parking at the home, office, store, restaurant, park, beach etc.


  • Easy carry and install in seconds.
  • Fits for most of the car.
  • Unique Key design that is almost impossible to duplicate.
  • Locks onto your steering wheel making it impossible to turn.
  • Even if any tampering will be there, it will emit warning sound.


  • 1pcs X Car Steering Wheel Lock
  • 2 X Keys
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