AllExtreme U3 Projector fog Light with Blue Ring 3200LM for All Bikes (1pc,Black)

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Vehicle Compatibility: AllExtreme u3 fog light is compatible with All Bikes and Scooters (Geared/Non-Geared) of any model.

Extremely powerfulUniversal Fog Light for All Bikes makes night driving easy and a 15W powerhouse to enhance to your bike's asthetiques

AllExtreme U3 fog light is the best universal fog Light for all bikes / Light delivering 15W power. It is made from Aluminium which makes it Anti – Rust and Anti – Collision. The AllExtreme fog light U3 is waterproof with optical glass lens to create a bright and sharp spot light for better visibility. It has 3 built in modes to operate – High Beam, Low Beam and Strobe (Flashing). Providing a long range of up to 200 meters and definitely adds a charm to your vehicle. This fog light for bike is a universal product compatible with all Motorcycles and Scooters and all models. A toggle switch is used to configure 3 modes. Do not worry if you have to go for a long trip on hills with your Royal Enfield, Thunderbird, Avenger, Pulsar, Duke KTM, Harley Davidson or roam around the city with your super bike Yamaha FZ, R15, CBR, Ninja, Apache, Hayabusa or any other.

U3 fog light Made from aluminium rust proof, water proof and anti-collision spot beam with 30,000 service hours.

Works in 3 modes - high beam (14.5W), low beam (3.8W) and flashing (strobe 6.8W) and optical glass lens creates a sharp beam for better visibility.

Long range focus visibility up to 200m

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